The Ultimate Development of E-Commerce – From Markets to the Internet

Today, shopping has become one of the most convenient and therapeutic experiences anyone can have. But was it always like this? How did it evolve? We see a rapid development of e-commerce around us. Has it always been like this? 

In earlier days, when technology was just developing, if you would have told someone about e-commerce, they would have laughed about it. But now, do you know that the e-commerce sales will surpass $6.3 trillion in 2024? How did it happen? 

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In this blog, we are going to learn about the complete development of e-commerce. We are going to see from the beginning how shopping evolved and has turned the way it is now. So, let us proceed. 

How Did Shopping Evolved – From Bartering to E-Commerce

Shopping is not just an activity. It is an experience with which so many people relate to. However, the way we shop was not always like this. It has changed drastically over the years. Let us see how:

Bartering Era (Pre-Historic Times)

When we talk about the earliest forms of trade among people, it involved the direct exchange of goods and services. This system of exchange was called the barter system and no use of money was involved in this. 

However, there was a catch with the barter system. The barter system was dependent on the needs of both the parties involved in the trade. If the other person refused the exchange, the exchange would be difficult. 

Evolving Historical Trade and Coinage

With several ancient civilizations such as the Indus Valley, Egypt, Mesopotamia, and Rome growing, the trade network also evolved rapidly. Here, the barter system was then replaced by other methods of trade such as coins. With the introduction of coins, trade revolutionized rapidly, as they became the standardized medium of exchange. 

Also, we can see the method of trade evolving with the growth of trade routes such as the Silk Road. With this, markets and fairs became a common aspect of shopping for people. Not just this, there was also the development of certain bodies that regulated trade and commerce. 

Mom and Pops Store

Have you ever heard about the mom-and-pops store? During 1700-1800, these stores became popular places for people to shop. These were a small, family-owned, independent business. 

All over America, these stores grew and there was all kinds of diversity in terms of good when we talk about these. From medicines to groceries to even toys, these stores became the first choice for people to shop. 

Department Stores

With the advent of the Industrial Revolution, department stores became the reality of shopping. Since the Industrial Revolution resulted in a significant rise in factories and mass production, department stores became popular. These stores offered a wide range of services to several people. 

With agriculture being replaced by manufacturing as the dominant business, oil, textile, steel, and food production in factories gave rise to new jobs and enhanced the standard of living for many. 

Shopping Malls and Supermarkets 

The rise of shopping malls and supermarkets in the early 20th century changed the complete landscape of shopping. Shopping malls and supermarkets also had a significant role in the development of e-commerce. 

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These places ensure that the customer can get everything in a single place when it comes to shopping. Unlike visiting different vendors, the customer could get all kinds of items in a single place, enhancing the overall shopping experience and convenience. 

The Development of E-Commerce 

With the advent of the internet, the development of e-commerce took a major leap. In today’s scenario, we cannot imagine our lives without e-commerce. Various services and platforms like Amazon, Blinkit, etc. have made our lives way easier. 

Do you know who is the father of online shopping? Well, Michael Aldrich, in the year 1979 connected a TV to a computer via a telephone line. It led to the development of e-commerce and thus, he is known as the father of online shopping. 

After this, various developments took place. It includes Boston Computer Exchange becoming the first company offering the buying and selling of computers. Jeff Bezos launched the business to become the world’s largest e-commerce marketplace. 

Furthermore, PayPal introduced a secure platform for making online payments, ensuring more trust among customers. Google AdWords in the year 2000 provided the platform for online advertising. Finally, platforms like Amazon introduced prime services. With same-day delivery, two-day delivery, and more such features, the development of e-commerce boosted. 

Today, e-commerce has become the new normal. Furthermore, shopping on social media, marketing through e-mails, and different e-commerce development platforms have made things easier and more convenient. Not only this, the Buy Now Pay Later option in e-commerce has made things even more convenient. 

With different e-commerce development platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce, more and more businesses are easily making their online presence. If you are looking forward to ensuring the presence of your business online, collaborating with the right e-commerce business management platforms like Zopoxo will help you. 

Wrapping Up

Shopping is an experience that almost every individual loves. However, understanding how it has evolved over the years will help us predict where will it lead over the next years. The development of e-commerce gives a chance for new businesses to establish themselves and attract new customers. 

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