Everything You Need To Know About Technology in E-Commerce Shipping

As reported, e-commerce will share about ​​20.8% of the retail market globally. The use of technology in e-commerce shipping will play a significant role in this development. 

The growth of e-commerce is phenomenal. More and more people are preferring to shop online because of several advantages associated with it. To tackle such a growing demand, it is crucial to have great e-commerce shipping solutions. 

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Do you know how technology plays an important role when it comes to e-commerce shipping? What are the challenges it helps you deal with? How can you leverage it to ensure that your business gets profitability and delivers customer satisfaction? We are going to talk about it in this blog. 

Technological Advancements Available Today for e-Commerce Shipping Solutions

As a small e-commerce business owner, there are several aspects that you have to consider. From taking care of the website to product building and from customer service to finally shipping your products. 

However, when it comes to e-commerce shipping solutions, here are some of the available technologies that you should consider in different aspects of the shipping lifecycle:

Robotics and Automation

One of the most popular technologies today that is increasing its presence in different areas of e-commerce shipping is robotics and automation. Automation is playing a crucial role when it comes to warehouses and fulfillment centers. 

With these, e-commerce businesses are not only able to reduce the chances of human error but can also save on the overall cost to the business. Furthermore, different robotic technologies are used when it comes to picking, packing, and sorting products and packages. 

Role of Artificial Intelligence

Today, when artificial intelligence (AI) is playing its role in different industries, e-commerce shipping is also among them. The role of artificial intelligence is highly valuable when it comes to demand forecasting and route optimization. With the use of both AI and machine learning, e-commerce shipping solutions can be made efficient. 

In addition, customer experience can be tailored in a manner to make it personalized for the users. Best e-commerce shipping companies, by delivering a personalized experience and touch to their customers can see better results in terms of customer satisfaction and retention.

Use of Drones and Autonomous Vehicles

Drones and autonomous vehicles have made a drastic impact on the overall delivery mechanism. Drones, currently used to deliver small packages, especially medicines and food parcels, provide a time-saving and cost-effective way of delivery. Moreover, when it comes to under 10 or 30-minute delivery systems, drone technology can be made available there. 

On the other hand, autonomous vehicles are programmed in a manner to ensure zero human error and a faster delivery. Moreover, these vehicles also provide enhanced safety and efficiency, and lesser carbon footprint. 

Hyperlocal and Same-Day Delivery 

In today’s era, where time is the new currency, e-commerce businesses that fail to provide same-day delivery are not considered to be as effective as the ones that do. Are you aware that about 80% of the shoppers want their goods to be delivered on the same day? Hence, providing same-day delivery ensures that your business gets more orders and clients. 

On the other hand, hyperlocal delivery is another crucial aspect that you can look forward to adding to your business. How does it help? Hyperlocal delivery ensures that customer’s needs and requirements are met in an instant. Hence, when it comes to delivery, both these technological advancements are there to match customer requirements. 

Warehouse Management Systems

As a budding e-commerce business, there is so much that needs to be done by you. Among all these, managing your warehouse can be a major challenge that people usually face. However, at Zopoxo, you get complete assistance for warehouse management

Moreover, now you also do not have to wait for reports from your couriers. We provide you with GOD-level reports that not only showcase warehousing analytics but also showcase profitability reports and delivery performance. With these technological advancements, you can make changes to your current management system and generate better output. 

Customer Service Automation

Ensuring that you provide your customers with accurate and fast assistance is one of the major ways to get customer satisfaction and retention. By adding customer service automation to your business, you can provide fast assistance to your customers. 

In addition, it allows businesses the capability to resolve issues 24/7 and also reduce labor costs that the business might incur by hiring a staff.

Real-Time Tracking

Today, there is hardly any e-commerce business that will not provide you with tracking facilities for your orders. As a growing e-commerce company, you can look forward to adding an option for real-time tracking on the application or the website. 

In addition to this, providing updates about the order to the customer on platforms like WhatsApp is another use of technology that we see today. 

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Therefore, these are some of how technology is changing the e-commerce shipping scenario. E-commerce businesses should look forward to adding these technologies to the platform for better output and customer satisfaction. 

Wrapping Up

The pace at which e-commerce is growing is unprecedented. With different developments in technology and changing consumer behavior, more and more businesses are bringing their presence online. The developments that we discussed in the blog above, clearly highlight how technology plays its role in e-commerce shipping. 

So, are you looking forward to upgrading your e-commerce platform and empowering it? At Zopoxo, a tech-enabled platform for e-commerce business management, we ensure that the best and state-of-the-art technology is available to your business. Do not wait! Get in touch today. Think eCom, Think Zopoxo!

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