Ultimate Ways How Shipping Aggregators Solve Modern Logistics Challenges

Setting up your presence online but worried about the challenges present ahead? Know how partnering with the right shipping aggregator will solve your modern logistics challenges. 

With e-commerce becoming the new normal, e-commerce shipping companies face several challenges. Somewhere or the other, these issues also contribute to the failure of more than 80% of e-commerce businesses. Although the numbers are staggering, still some top e-commerce platforms like Amazon are growing exponentially. 

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What do you think can be the primary reason behind their success? Moreover, when it comes to logistics and shipping, do these platforms face challenges? How are shipping aggregators of real help in this situation?

In this blog, we are going to talk about this in detail. We will cover who shipping aggregators are and how they solve modern logistics challenges. So, stay tuned as we proceed with our discussion. 

Who are Shipping Aggregators?

Before we proceed, it is important to understand who is a shipping aggregator. Shipping aggregators, also referred to as courier aggregators or logistics aggregators, are special companies. 

The primary role these companies play is to integrate with several courier companies or partners and fulfill the shipping requirements of the e-commerce seller. How do they do it? By contracting, store integration, account opening, and even rate card negotiations, these companies ensure that they simplify the shipping process for growing businesses or even individual sellers. 

By integrating with different shipping and logistics carriers, these companies help enable users to access order management systems and a higher level of flexibility to adapt to changing shipping requirements. Therefore without a doubt, shipping aggregators provide an extensive advantage when it comes to managing e-commerce logistics. 

Modern Logistics Challenges & How Shipping Aggregators Solve Them

The following are some of the modern logistics challenges faced by e-commerce businesses that shipping aggregators solve. 

High Shipping Costs

The primary challenge that most growing e-commerce businesses and individual sellers face is shipping costs. As a business, while you are focusing on your growth and development, ensuring you deliver the best to your customers, managing shipping costs is an extra situation that you have to deal with. 

However, with the right courier aggregator by your side, things will be different. Courier aggregators perform bulk shipping for various businesses. Hence, they can negotiate better rates with courier services. As aggregators, these companies provide you with a wide variety of carriers to choose from and ensure the best cost. You have the opportunity to choose courier services like Delhivery, BlueDart, and DTDC, with shipping aggregators like Zopoxo. 

Lack of Real-Time Tracking

Real-time tracking plays an important role in ensuring trust and reliability among customers. In today’s world, where people prefer shopping online, they have certain expectations about their order delivery. 

For instance, people look forward to aspects like same-day delivery or two-day delivery on their orders. However, it is also essential to provide them with a dedicated customer support team that is going to help them. Either the order has been delayed or there is some other aspect, having a dedicated customer support team is a challenge. What better option will be for you to choose other than courier aggregators to resolve this issue? 

Moreover, with platforms like Zopoxo, you can have a dedicated account manager on whom you can rely for all your concerns. So, managing logistics has never been easier than this. 

Poor Reporting and Data Analytics

Another significant challenge that e-commerce businesses face is poor reporting and data analytics. When it comes to optimization of the current business performance and looking to upgrade, data has a significant role to play. 

For instance, as a growing business owner, you must know and understand metrics like profitability analysis, delivery performance, and warehouse analytics. Logistic aggregators will help you in analyzing multiple types of reports about your business. Thus, after careful consideration and analysis, you will be able to make suitable decisions and changes in your business.

Did you know that at Zopoxo, you get a single unified dashboard for managing all of your shipping and logistics requirements? With such seamless management, you can keep track of everything and make decisions accordingly. 

Return Management

Another prominent issue that e-commerce businesses have to deal with is return management. On average, courier services take up to 10-15 days to remit the COD amount after the order has been successfully delivered. However, with the help of a courier aggregator, the same task can be done in less than 3 days of successful delivery. 

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Aggregators also provide you with tools like NDR management and fraud detection. Ultimately, these tools are going to help improve delivery efficiency, avoid loss, and even boost customer satisfaction. 

Wrapping Up

The dynamics of how e-commerce business runs are changing rapidly. To ensure that you stay ahead and ensure customer satisfaction and retention, you need to navigate logistics challenges. Effective and efficient logistics management is crucial for the success of e-commerce sellers. 

With the right courier aggregator by your side, you can easily tackle all these challenges. Tech-enabled e-commerce business management platforms like Zopoxo help you in diverse areas. From return management to getting a complete analysis of important data, and from real-time tracking to managing shipping costs, a courier aggregator helps your business grow. 

So, before it’s too late and logistic challenges cover you from every direction, get in touch with Zopoxo today! Zopoxo is the best platform for all your e-commerce business needs. Whether you want to establish yourself online or you want to get a consultation, Zopoxo has your back. Think e-com, Think Zopoxo!

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